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Welcome to REINHART AUTOMOTIVE Custom Tuning page.

Custom Tuning is the fastest and most economical way to improve your car's performance.  At REINHART  AUTOMOTIVE we pride ourselves in cutting edge custom tuning that brings out the best in you vehicle.  Safe proven horsepower, torque and performance at an affordable price.

Use the Tuning that the Pro's use, get Custom Tuning from REINHART  AUTOMOTIVE. 

We provide the following Custom Tuning products and services:

SCT Custom Tuning - Allows you to store and tune your vehicle with computer tuning from REINHART AUTOMOTIVE.  REINHART is one of the premier vendors for this fantastic tuning product, contact us today for more information!

Performance Chips - Our Performance Chips install easily into your EEC and give you great performance at a competitive price.  We sell car specific Tuning based on the information you provide us.  We can even provide tuning based on modifications made to your vehicles.  Make an upgrade to your vehicle, then send in your chip for a flash with a better updated program.

Custom Dyno Tuning - Bring your car to our onsite Dyno for a custom tune with our own Dennis Reinhart.  Get vehicle specific and car specific tuning while you wait.  We will run a baseline on your vehicle and show you the results while you watch the whole process.  We offer the best High Performance Tuning available using SCT Software and Products.

Car Club and Group Rates - Have a car club and want to get a group rate on in house Dyno tunes?  Contact us for more information.

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